Sports Injury Clinic
Adeleine Miller BSc. (HONS)

When it comes to aches and pains, many of us are very good at soldiering on. This can however lead to further discomfort and prolonged serious injury further down the line.

Sports Therapist Adeleine Miller BSc. (HONS) offers a great alternative to this, with over 10 years experience in practicing specialised treatment techniques that find and resolve the routes of problems. She provides a complete service in treating injuries that occur in daily activities as well as sport.


At Back On Track, patients of all sporting and fitness levels receive the most advanced, efficient and comprehensive treatment therapy and rehabilitation.

A typical sports therapy treatment can include an examination and assessment followed by appropriate hands on therapy such as Sports Massage, Mobilisation, Acupuncture, Electrotherapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Exercise Therapy and Rehabilitation. Adeleine is also fully qualified in Pregnancy Massage.

Many Musculoskeletal acute and chronic injuries are treated at Back On Track including the following:

Back Pain

Neck Pain

SIJ Dysfunction


Plantar Fascitis

Knee Pain

Strained Muscles

Pre & Post-Op Rehab

"Adeleine was friendly and professional. She very quickly recognised the problem with my lower back and was able to provide treatment and advice on suitable exercises and stretches. I felt much better after my treatment. The treatment space was clean, tidy and comfortable and situated within a small local gym" - Andrew Meadows
"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value and Professional. I would recommend Adeleine to anyone, not only for sports injuries but work-related neck strain and whiplash too.” - Debbie Parsons
"New aches and pains keep trying to take over my life but each time Adeleine finds a way of keeping them at bay. She is able and willing to help however fit or unfit, young or old you are-she has made me feel years younger .You don't have to be a fit young athlete to benefit. I think I will still be using her to keep active when I am 90! Excellent treatment and friendly understandable advice- my aches and pains are kept under strict control." - Diane James

Telephone: 07834 812 380


*Please allow at least 24 hours for giving notice of cancellation to avoid a fee

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